Specializing in Wilderness

Property in Buffalo River


Reno Realty is a full-service
agency licensed in both
Arkansas and Missouri. We
are based in NW Arkansas,
the jewel of the Natural
State. Our specialty is
working with people who
are seeking rural, rustic
properties located in the
Buffalo National River

NW Arkansas is an area of
spectacular beauty, and the
land and dwellings remain
an outstanding bargain in
comparison to real estate
nationally, even after the
"housing bubble".  A little
known fact is that Arkansas
has become the #2
destination nationally for
retirement. It has an
extremely low tax rate and
the weather, while
seasonal, falls in very
moderate range. The air is
clean and clear. The people
are decent and welcoming.
We who live here feel we
have stepped back in time
50 years to an era of where
community matters and
people are trusting and
personable.  Life is simple

Let us be your buyer's
agent and help you find
your dream home in the
wilderness of NW Arkansas.
Our communities are
welcoming, and the
environs unspoiled. We
moved here 18 years ago
from California and we had
to learn about NW Arkansas
from the ground up. Not
only do we know the
answers, we know the
questions. We went through
the process of finding our
dream home and what goes
into it. It took us months, if
you work with us, we can
save you the time and
frustration of running down
blind alleys because we
know the area.

We love the outdoors, and
are horsemen, hunters and
fishermen. We can assure
you that NW Arkansas is
the undiscovered jewel of
the US. It's the best place
nobody knows about. Let us
help you locate your dream
home in our pristine

Jay and Marci Reno
Compton, Arkansas
Our Story

18 years ago we
journeyed to this
wild land and made
our home. We had
the luxury of time to
dig around the area
and locate our
dream home on 50
acres near the
Buffalo National
River park.

We still recall the
challenges people
face while searching
for the perfect home.
Today we know the
area very well, but
we still recall the
questions we had as
we did our search.

We are particularly
expert at helping
find cabins and rural
land for families who
want to join us in
Buffalo River

Let us be your real
estate agents and
help you locate your
dream in the jewel of
Arkansas, Buffalo
River county and
Newton County.

Jay and Marci Reno,
Compton, Arkansas
Licensed in Arkansas and Missouri
Reno Realty
"personalized, not franchised"
Office: 870-420-3637
Fax : 870-420-3647
Mobile  870-715-9452

Jay and Marci Reno
Jay and Marci Reno,Owners
HC 33 Box 7
Compton, AR 72624
Office: 870-420-3637
Fax : 870-420-3647
Mobile  870-715-9452